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We offer two different types of unguided hunts. Our most popular is our fixed camp hunt. We drop you off on a stretch of river that we can take off and land with a full load. You set up your camp and hunt from that spot with a boat and motor. You can realistically hunt an area approximately five miles in radius from your camp. There are a lot of oxbow lakes and sloughs off the river that are excellent for hunting and water is always close making your packing much easier.

This is a popular hunt because you are in one spot long enough to find where the moose are and you have time to spend hunting and calling them and figuring out their patterns. You also only have to set up camp once. You can hunt until dark every night and come back to a comfortable camp. The most important advantage is that we can land there any day and pick up your moose or leave supplies. This service is what we excel at.

The second type of hunt is a float hunt. This hunt starts at one point on a river and ends at a designated point down river. The advantage of a float is that you are able to hunt much more territory. You will be covering between 60 and 120 miles of river. This can be very rewarding but you must be able to stop and hunt for a couple of days when you see good moose sign, not just float all the time hoping to float up on a moose and kill it from the raft.

The disadvantages of trying to float up on a moose is that you must break camp before daylight every morning, float for a couple of hours, set up camp during the day, break camp and float the last two hours of daylight until you canít see to shoot and then set up camp in the dark. This is an excellent way to hunt but it is very strenuous and physically demanding. The stop and hunt a couple of days method is less demanding. Also, on a float we are unable to land and check on you or fly out a moose until you reach the end of your hunt.

We also offer guided moose hunts out of comfortable tent camps on the Innoko River. This area is known for producing some of the biggest bulls in Alaska. We hunt remote areas along the Innoko and use jet boats to get way back into remote, hard to get to areas. These hunts are one on one, fully guided and outfitted. Wolves and wolverines are available at no additional charge, and black and brown bears can be taken for additional trophy fees.

We would be happy to discuss the pros and cons of all of our hunt options with you and book whichever adventure you choose.

Package Contents
Unguided packages include:
  • All bush plane costs
  • 11 day adventure (9 days hunting)
  • Boat and motor
Guided packages include:
  • All bush plane costs
  • One guide to one hunter
  • Jet boat and fuel
  • Trophy and meat care
  • Camp cook and all meals in camp

Drop Camp or Float Trip (unguided)
Nine day hunt
$4,300.00 per person
Minimum of two people
Guaranteed tag - no draw

Fully Guided Moose Hunt
Eight day hunt
$13,500.00 per person
Minimum of two people
Guaranteed tag - no draw


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